4th June 2016

Some of our recent projects:


Film, television and commercial

As I’m sure any director knows, the development of UAV technology in recent years altered what is now possible. A portrait shot to over 300ft high in a matter of seconds, inside or outside, under or over, these really are exciting times for the creative mind.

At Aerial Filming Solutions our expert pilots and state of the art equipment can offer not only the long range, tracking shot synonymous with UAV footage, but also something a bit more exciting and inventive. Filming in 4K and fully stabilised from the ground and the air we’re more than happy to discuss any concept the director may have and will enjoy contributing our own if required. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your ideas. ¬†




Here at Aerial Filming Solutions we understand how important this special day is to all of our couples. A high quality video capturing the days most precious moments to a soundtrack of your choice will give the bride, groom and guests an item to enjoy for years to come.

We will endeavour to remain as inconspicuous as possible throughout your day using both our stabilised ground cameras and aerial equipment if required. Please feel to contact us to discuss your plans.




Using our state of the art stabilised ground and aerial camera equipment our expert pilots can deliver the raw footage (if required under direction) or a fully edited, produced video to really make your weekend or day stand out.

Always happy to work within our clients needs we can produce a video under strict instruction of how the finished product will look. If a specific design is not required however Aerial Filming Solutions can plan, shoot, edit and produce a video we’re confident our clients and their customers will love. Perfect for promoting future/next years event. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help.



Promotional – property, venues, corporate etc.

An elegant, fashionable promotional video can be an invaluable component within today’s modern business. Using our state of the art ¬†stabilised ground and aerial camera equipment our expert pilots and camera men can capture the footage which will produce a video to make your business stand out before the competition. Filming in 4K, Aerial Filming Solutions will be happy to complete the video following any instructions or direction from the client however we can plan, shoot, edit and produce all within the company. We can also provide actors if necessary and an original soundtrack. Particular areas of interest within this section would be;

  • Property
  • Golf courses
  • Wedding venues
  • Sports venues
  • Tourist attractions

Please contact us so we can begin discussing your ideas.