4th August 2016


The recent advancement in UAV technology can provide a significant asset to today’s farm. Using our state of the art aerial camera equipment, crop scouting hundreds of acres can now be done in a single mornings work. Our image processing software can then “stitch” together multiple photographs to give the client a single, super high resolution image of their entire crop with the ability to zoom in on a single plant!

Less time spent scouting and more time spent treating the crops that need it, cutting costs and boosting yields. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.



With over 15 years experience within the construction industry Aerial Filming Solutions understands the importance of keeping track of progress. The aerial data we collect can generate images for regular progress checks on site, reliable orthomosaic maps and 2D/3D models made from millions of data points. These processes can save clients. project managers and everyone below valuable man hours and expenses whilst keeping projects on schedule and under budget.

We can also feed a live, HD link to our clients so the site can be viewed in real time and areas of particular interest can be inspected on request. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your projects.


Sports training

Analysing a team or players performance in training is crucial to progress. Aerial Filming Solutions can offer comprehensive footage of your sessions from superior angles for coaches, players and scouts etc to study.

Helping you concentrate on improving the areas within your sport that most require it, greatly increasing the efficiency of your valuable training sessions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.




Aerial Filming Solutions can offer a dramatic reduction in cost and time for your inspection requirements whilst greatly improving safety. Faster, more efficient and safer than traditional methods we offer our clients detailed, high resolution images or video for their inspection.

Particular areas of interest within this sector include:

  • Wind turbine inspection – reducing down time and increasing safety
  • Solar farm inspection – A single, super high resolution image of entire farm for close inspection of individual panels
  • Chimney/roof inspection – increasing safety and maximising efficiency
  • Rail/road inspection – work around train times and traffic, minimising costs
  • Live power line inspection – increasing safety and decreasing down time.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.